Lab Gruppen PDX3000

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3000W, Two-Channel Amplifier with DSP Control

The PDX3000 is a two-channel amplifier with DSP Control and delivers 2 X 1500W of power for entry/mid-level live sound applications. PDX Series amplifiers employ our unique IDEEA Class D output stage that is ideally matched to the rated power output. To provide flexibility, each channel offers sufficient voltage swing and current capacity to drive loads in any impedance without any additional configuration. In order to have low thermal losses as well as a high voltage swing, the design is based on a permanently bridged output.

PDX Series

Lab.gruppen PDX Series power amplifiers are designed and built with competitive price, good performance and protection features in mind. Each amplifier draws on the engineering that has made Lab.gruppen the benchmark of quality for touring concert systems: exceptional sonic performance, rugged construction, proven reliability, and protection features that anticipate every unwelcome possibility.


PDX3000 is a proven and reliable Class-D amplifier and can provide superb audio performance in both background and foreground music sound systems. PDX3000 suits a wide range of applications such as entry/mid-level touring, live portable sound, hotels, bars and restaurants, house of worship, performance spaces, and many more.

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